The Lake Arrowhead Kennedys
Bonnie & Patrick Kennedy

First Quarter Sales Comparisons

Arrowhead Woods

1st Quarter

2016: 73 home sales: $184/square foot

2015: 88 home sales: $180/square foot

2014: 68 home sales: $169/square foot

2013: 76 home sales: 147/square foot

2012: 85 home sales: 116/square foot

There are fewer home sales this year compared to last year. Most likely this is due to lack of inventory.

Price per square foot has increased slightly since last year and could be experiencing a plateau in Lake Arrowhead.


Running Springs

2016: 23 home sales: 152/square foot

2015: 16 home sales: 135/square foot

2014: 27 home sales: 140/square foot

2013: 20 home sales: $127/square foot

2012: 20 home sales: $ 88/square foot

The average price per square foot has nearly doubled in Running Springs since 2012.

We have had a busy 1st quarter and we have very low inventory.

We also have very few listings expire during their listing period due to very eager buyers.